Sage with Zest is an independent catering company with many years of hands-on experience in providing delicious food at a sensible price for weddings! 

Sage with zest is run independently of Brympton House (Castle D’Evercy Events) and you will need to accept our terms and conditions to confirm your booking with us.

Our agreement with Brympton House is to provide a catering service to couples who have booked their big day at the venue on the following terms:

Bespoke – We will provide a complimentary buffet breakfast for all overnight guests as long as our minimum evening event spend of £750 is met. 

Deluxe – we will provide a cooked breakfast for all overnight guests and a choice of evening food from our ‘Glutton’ evening food range for all deluxe package guests as well as the use of our lovely photobooth during the evening reception. All payments for these services will be made to Sage with Zest by the venue at the rate of £37.50pp. 

Offer – we will provide a complimentary buffet breakfast for all overnight guests as long as our minimum evening event spend of £750 is met. 




A small non-refundable booking deposit is required to secure all bookings (accept Deluxe Bookings) 

Bespoke: £500

Offer: £250 





Menu prices are correct at the time that they are quoted. Whilst we do our best to maintain quoted prices, under exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right to amend prices up to 6 weeks prior to the event. Exceptional circumstances would include situations such as food & wage inflation greater than 5%. All Sage with Zest prices are subject to VAT. 



Orders will be confirmed by email. 

Final number of guests will need to be confirmed 7 working days before the event with payment no later than 5 working days before the event; no refunds will be made after the payment cut-off date if numbers go down.

An increase in number of guests can usually be accommodated up to 6 working days before the event. 



Payment for wedding breakfast will be invoiced in full 12 weeks prior to the event, We suggest ordering for 90% at this stage, final additional guest can be confirmed at a minimum of 7 working days prior to the event.



We are very busy at the weekends so tastings are held during the day/midweek.  Our tasting schedules are published by the office. Tastings are chargeable at £55 per person 




Our cancelation policy exists to protect our business in the event that you cancel our service after we have incurred substantial costs. It is not just a question of sage with zest turning up on the event date and switching on the ovens and lights! In the months leading up to your big day we will have incurred a variety of sunk costs including: event management, transport, pre-paid staff, (staff are booked and paid 12 weeks prior to the event), the costs associated with open days, our rent and finally the physical cost of food and produce.


In all circumstances any deposit payments are no refundable and a percentage of the total contract cost will then be charged (or retained) depending on when you cancel: 


12 to 8 months before the event: -25% of the contract cost (or estimated cost)

8 to 4 months before the event – 50% of the contract cost (or estimated cost)

4 months and less before the event – 100% of the contract cost (or estimated cost)


Sage with Zest reserve the right to cancel any bookings without liability on its part in event of unforeseen circumstances (Act of God) over which they have no control. In these circumstances sage with zest would always offer to delay or postpone its services to you. If you choose not to allow sage with zest to delay or postpone its services to you the scale of cancelation charges will apply as detailed above.  



Sage with Zest  cannot guarantee that any produce on our menu is totally free from nuts, nut derivatives or other ingredients to which guests may have a serious allergic reaction, as we cannot operate in a nut free environment. We would therefore advise guests with a severe allergy to nuts or other ingredients to talk to us directly to arrange an alternative to the chosen meal. 



Sage with zest will make every reasonable effort to perform its obligations under contract but shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any part of the contract as a result of factors outside of its control. In cases where a force majeure event occurs we will offer to delay or postpone our services to a mutually convenient date. Where you chose to cancel the contract rather than allow us to postpone or delay our service to you, you will be subject to the scale of cancelation charges as detailed above. We also reserve the right to pass any additional costs incurred as a result of postponement or delay onto you ( for example a year on year price rise)




Sage with Zest always recommend that clients take out event insurance from a reputable independent insurance supplier to cover themselves against the effects of cancellation and force majeure events. 



We will prepare, pour and serve your drinks for a maximum of two hours during your drinks reception. We also ask that you keep the reception drinks fairly simple. 

We will serve – wine, sparkling wine, bottles beer and ciders, no mixed drinks. 

If canapés are not ordered from us then there is a service charge of £4 per head will apply.



When the client is providing the venue, they must ensure that Sage with Zest  has sufficient transport access, running water supply, adequate electricity supply and access to a toilet facility. If the venue is a marquee we would also require a service/catering tent of 6m X 6m, trestle tables (numbers being dependent on the size of the event) and preferably recycling and waste bins. 



In accordance with appropriate current food legislation, Sage with Zest reserves the right to discard any leftover food items, after the agreed event timetable, where there is a reasonable risk for food borne illness to occur. 



Sage with zest will clean the areas used after an event- however if unreasonable 

mess has been made a charge of £500 for additional cleaning will be charged 



Sage with Zest will prepare between five- ten percent (5%-10%) overage based on the final number of guests registered by the client. Part of this overage is to include food for the staff. The client will not be charged for this. 



Sage with Zest will make every effort to leave the event kitchen as we found it. We will ensure that our equipment is cleared, packed & removed and that rubbish is left bagged. Sage with zest are not responsible for clearing the ‘party area’ unless specifically contracted to do so. 



If Sage with Zest”s  property or that of our suppliers is wilfully or negligently damaged or stolen at an event, the replacement cost is payable by the clients. 




Sage with Zest  reserves the right to substitute products without prior notice. 



Complaints must be logged within 24 hours of the event. Please email to log the complaint 



Sage with Zest  has a strict policy for handling customer information. It is confidential and protected to the fullest extent possible. Sage with zest will not disclose or distribute customer information to third parties without prior written consent of the customer. 




Please read through our terms and conditions carefully and certainly before you order! We are a 'boutique' sized company and are passionate about what we do - which is to provide delicious, locally sourced and organic where possible celebration food for you and your guests to feast on. Our small size and general overheads mean that our cancellation clause has to be rigorously adhered too - as we simply cannot fill a vacated date easily


If you have booked our services through Castle D'evercy weddings please note that our terms and conditions still apply. Our contract with you is formed with Castle D'Evercy as our agent when you enter into a contract with them and one of Castle D'Evercys own terms is that you need to avail yourself and agree with the terms and conditions of your suppliers before booking.


Prices are subject to change in line with inflation, variations in excise duty and market fluctuations in the price of food stuffs and the need to maintain our margins; all price rises will be posted on this website.


Evening food service for all menus is from 9.30pm to 11 pm (with a finish time no later than 11 pm); later service can be arranged for a supplemental charge. Later service can be arranged for a charge of £175 for any period after 11 pm up to midnight and £250 for any period after midnight.


All dietary requirements can be catered for with a minimum of 48 hours notice.

Ordering process: use the online form to send us your choices. An invoice will be returned to you which is payable no later than 12 weeks before the event.


A minimum spend of £750 applies to all evening functions; for lunch orders, a minimum spend of £250 applies.


Minimum orders are as follows; for cold food 75% of guests must be catered for; for hot food 100% of guests must be catered for


For evening food- Paper plates and either wooden or plastic knives and forks are used. If china and stainless steel cutlery is preferred a hire and wash up charge of £4.50pp applies


Our lovely photobooth relies on the onsite wifi signal and we cannot be held responsible if the house wifi ‘drops off’ for any reason – in a very old building with 3 foot thick walls this sometimes happens! Delays though are normally only counted in minutes but it is a condition of hire that couples accept that the booth may be out of action due to the house wifi signal being interrupted; in this circumstance it is unfortunately not possible to refund any part of the hire cost as the staff etc have already been put in place.


If no evening food is ordered and you wish to serve your wedding cake in the Stables then a charge of £4.50pp applies.


Menus are subject to change from time to time.


If you choose a hot breakfast item the following morning it must apply to 100% of the guests with a minimum order value of £500. 


For offers staff are employed for a maximum of 5 hours for the drinks reception and wedding breakfast. Where service overruns this time period a fee of £250 per hour (or part thereof) will be charged or breakfast components the following morning will be modified to make up for the staffing shortfall. 


A minimum spend of £2,000 is required on a ‘night before event’. This can be spent on drinks as well as food, however this has to be pre-ordered quantities and paid prior to the event date.